Dear Sirs, Dear Exhibitors,

The current economic situation and the COVID-19 pandemic require the postponement of organizing the XXVIII edition of the WOD-KAN Fair for next year.

It is a very difficult decision for us as the event organizers. However, the main aim is to ensure safety of Exhibitors and Guests and to create conditions for effective presence at the Fair.

For almost 30 years, the WOD-KAN Fair has not only been a place to present modern equipment, technical and technological solutions or services, but also a place to exchange experiences, views and creative discussions. In times of restrictions on movement and impediments of personal interactions, we would not  like to lose contact with you, so we decided to offer alternative options for continuing and establishing new business relationships.

In the near future, we will introduce extended possibilities to the existing fair catalog – a recognized and useful tool. Thanks to it, you will be able to modify entries, add multimedia and downloads, as well as encourage you to arrange teleconferences with potential customers interested in the offer. We will also combine the catalog modification with the new offer of dedicated mailings, implemented through the Chamber. Thanks to them, your messages will reach almost 16,000 recipients: representatives of water and sewage companies, local governments, exploiters and designers, participants of our courses. Product webinars dedicated to only one company and promoted through our distribution channels will be another important tool. They will allow to show live the most important advantages of your products, answer participants’ questions and encourage further contact.

At the same time, we are working on a new virtual platform, which we called WOD-KAN 2.0. Thanks to it, you will gain even better opportunities to stay in touch with the industry and maintain existing or establish new relationships.

By inviting you to cooperate with us in a new, virtual reality, we are hoping to meet again in 2021 in Bydgoszcz at the WOD-KAN Fair 2021 to face new opportunities and challenges together.

I trust that you will accept and understand our decision. On behalf of the members of the Chamber, our office employees and my own I cordially invite you to stay in touch with us.

Dorota Jakuta

President of the Chamber

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