Izba Gospodarcza „WodociÄ…gi Polskie” in Bydgoszcz (Chamber of Commerce “Polish Waterworks”) was established on 14 September 1992 and until today remains the only self-regulatory business organization in the water sector in Poland. The chamber associates 450 water and sewage companies in Poland.

The Chamber seeks to create favourable conditions for the water sector. The Chamber’s representatives and experts regularly interpret and assess applicable regulations, monitor proposals of changes and participate in the development of the sector related law and implementation of solutions to facilitate the operation of the sector. The Chamber provides advice and coaching services, as well as being a publisher. It represents its members’ interests in the whole country, in particular before state and local government authorities. One of its basic tasks is the care for the environment.

The Chamber is a member of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, the International Water Association in London and the EUREAU European Federation of National Associations of Water Services in Brussels. It is actively represented in the EUREAU’s three commissions: for water, for sewage and for law and business. Every three years, the congresses are organized for people working in or dealing with the water sector regarding the sector’s most crucial issues.    

Among the Chamber’s priorities are development and implementation of technical standards. The development of the standards for the water sector is one of the Chamber’s key tasks due to its importance and the long-term effect on the operation of the entire water sector.

Starting in the year 1993, every year the Chamber organizes the 25th International Fair of Machines and Facilities for Water Supply and Sewage Systems WOD-KAN 2017. Held in Bydgoszcz, this is the most important water sector exhibition in Poland and the major European water fairs.


Exhibition start 06.05.2018 10:00 132 Days


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